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4 Website Usability
1) Web Credible Techniques used to increase the sales at your websites from the customers.
Tips on making your Website feel good for the customers, ultimately converting visitors to customers.
Points discussed:
1: Website Loading time
2: Information must be easy to retrive
3: Pages must be loaded quickly
4: Easy to navigate
5: Restriction must not be place on users.
2) useit.com - Jackob Nielsen's Website
Ideas of Jackob Nielsen, Not friendly
3) User Effect
25 points for your better website development.
4) User Focus
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Top 10 favourite website usability and website accessibility tools:
Tracking the eye movement of your website visitors, paid.
Five Second Test
Submit your site to get the answers from people who saw your site for five seconds.
Crazy Egg
Eye tracking tool.
Colour Blindness Simulator 
Testing the website for effecting from people of color blindness
Juicy Studio - Website Readability Test
Carry out a readability test on your website.WC3 Spell Checker
Spelling mistakes of the site.
Juicy Studio - Image Analyser  
Spots the errors in images
AnyBrowser.com - Screen Size Tester
Check the website appearance in different ratios, I did not spot out the special features.
WAVE - Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
Website errors
Tests Document Readability And Improve It
Gives Text properties
Copy and paste some of your website text and check its readibility.
Why not look at something more visual to understand website audits and usabilty?
15) Metacafe
Check out these videos highlighted on Metacafe website which gives a list of useful videos to watch on usability. Watch videos on improving website usability, usability testing and web optimisation.
16) Video of Website Usability Testing
What to understand and learn more about website testing? This series of videos show four elements of website testing.
Search Engine Optimisation
17)Visibility MagazineThese guys have just relaunched their website and it now has loads of great articles on Visibility, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Analytics and many more. Defintely worth a read and subscribing to their newsletter.
18) Google Webmaster Tools
Make sure that you register your website on Google Webmaster Tools as it provides reports about your websites visibility in Google. You will be able to see what areas of your website need improvement - such as missing meta data, duplicate content and download speeds.
19) SEO ChatThis is an excellent website which lists a whole variety of resources and tools for analysing and understanding your SEO ranking. Check your websites keyword positions, review your meta data and understand how search engine spiders view your website.
20) Self SEO
Another website which aims to provide all your SEO tool needs "under one roof" so to speak. As well as having these free tools they also have articles on how to improve your SEO.
21) Submit Express
What I love about this website is that it allows you to put in a URL of a page that you have recently optimisated and it will give it a ranking and tell you ways of improving the information for SEO purposes. This is a useful tool to "check in" and see how your changes should perform.

22) SEO Tools
You need to register on this website to get any of the free tools but they are worthwhile as the free tools include a keyword suggestion tool, a competitive research tool and a SEO rank checker.

23-32) Here are our Top 10 favourite SEO tools:
SEO Chat - Keyword Cloud
Get a visual representation of how search engines view the keywords on your website. You can then compare this to how your competitors websites are performing.
SEO Chat - Keyword Difficulty Checker
This tools gives you an understanding of how difficult it is to get ranked for a certain keywords on the first page of a search engine.
SEO Chat - Keyword Density Checker
Learn the keyword density of a certain keyword on your web page to see if you are coming up short or keyword "spamming".
SEOMOZ.org - Strongest page on a domain
This tools allows you to see on your website which is the strongest page for SEO. This page can then be used to benchmark against when developing your other web pages.
SEO Company - Link Popularity
If you want to see how popular your website is and how many people have linked to you, use this useful little tool which gives your link popularity on Google, Yahoo and Ask.

Self SEO - Keyword Suggestion Tool
If you are unsure what the right keywords for your website are then use this tool which shows you what keyword combinations are the most popular, giving you ideas for more keyword combinations.
Self SEO - Number of Pages IndexedSee how many web pages you have indexed in Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Alltheweb, Hotbot and AltaVista.
Self SEO - Search Engine Ranking Report
Just add a search term and your websites URL into this tool and it will show you what position in Google, MSN, Yahoo! and AltaVista your rank for the search term.
Self SEO - Check Google Pagerank
The benefits of using this tool is that you don't need to download the Google Toolbar to check the pagerank of your website.

Submit Express - Traffic Estimator
Enter a keyword into this tool and it will tell you the popularity of that keyword based on the number of searches that have been carried out for it.
33) Audette Media
If you're interested in learning more about information architecture then this is a useful article. The article explores the basic concepts of designing an optimised website structure and how these changes effect your indexing and ranking on search engines.
34) SearchEngineWatch.com
This website is another good resource tool when learning about SEO and search engine marketing as it provides information about the search engine industry and aims to help you improve your website. The indepth articles and analysis set this website apart.
35) Search Engine Guide
This is a great small business website that aims to educate people on search engine marketing. The information is organised logically throughout the website and is written in way that everyone can understand and is jargon-free.
Want to look at something more visual to understand SEO?
36) Why not try the Google Channel on YouTube? They have useful tips and up-to-date information on their SEO practices and more. Otherwise, these videos are worth a view and have been ranked as useful by website users.
37) Understand about SEO practices and which are effective and what others are not. 
38) Learn more about Search Engine Marketing and its importance by viewing this YouTube video. 

SEO & Web Copywriting

39) Google Webmaster Guidelines
Read some bullet-pointed guidelines from Google on website design and content. This resource is especially aimed around SEO copywriting and HTML code.

40) FatDUX - Desiging valuable User eXperience
This link goes to a useful article that looks at 20 tips for Writing for the Web. This article is indepth and detailed, so grab a cup of coffee and a notepad before you settle down to read this blog entry and learn about copywriting techniques and practices.

41) Hostway.com - Top 10 Don'ts for SEO Copywriting
A really interesting article on what not to do when writing SEO content. These 10 tips are written in a short, sharp and easy to understand manner, so you can start implementing recommendations straightaway.

42) Google Keyword Suggestion Tool
When developing website copy and to aid SEO it is important to use keyword suggestion tools. Google has developed a powerful solution. Add in a few descriptive words or a phrase and let the tool analyse your website and come up with a list of keywords. 
Want to look at something more visual to understand SEO & Web Copywriting?
43) The secrets of web copywriting 
44) How to build a web page and seo copywriting

45) See how a company reviews at websites copy

Website Statistics

46) There is no excuse for not adding Google Analytics to your website:
This powerful FREE tool lets you see who is visiting your website, when and what they are viewing. It lets you know vital information on bounce and exit rates from your website, so you can take action.

Want to look at something more visual to understand website statistics?
If you not sure how to use this tool or want to learn then view the videos below to gain a greater understanding:
47) Google Analytics Inteface Tutorial
This video is aimed about people who are new to Google Analytics and gives an introductory tutorial and tips on using this tool.
48) Understanding how to use Google Analytics 
49) Google Analytics Tutorial

Social Networking Marketing

50) Social networking is the new internet marketing buzz word and there are many websites offering advice and information on this area. The most useful piece of advice we found was from Ofcom which gave information on social networking by target age group. Read the Ofcom Social Networking Report.
51) Social Networking Marketing UK
Another interesting read is Tom Chapman's analysis of social networking marketing (specifically looking at Facebook and MySpace in the UK). This report aims to help you understand the opinions of social network users. The report is free and is worth reading if you want to learn more about this area.

52) Harvard Business School - Working Knowledge
This Q&A article looks at the social networking market and what works within it. It specifically looks at viral marketing as it may be the way to go in these areas.

Want to look at something more visual to understand social networking marketing?
53) Social Media Marketing 
54) 7 Rules for Social Networking Effectiveness 

Developing Website Specifications

55) Vord Web Design
Want some advice on how to write a website specification? Then this is the article for you as it give practical advice on developing a specification to meet your requirements.

56) They also have some great examples of how to structure a website specification, read about these website specification examples.
57) gdoss.com
Want to know how to develop wireframes for your website specification then visit this website as they have some examples for you to view and help you when designing your websites navigation structure.

Want to look at something more visual to understand the development of website specifications?
58) Website features from designing a website to a website specification
59) Designing a website for your business

Website Testing and Usability

60) Web Matters - Check list before launching your website
This is a useful website that has a check list of points that they feel are important before you launch your website. This is a useful tool to use if you want to make sure you have checked and covered all the relevant features.

61-70) Here are 10 great tools for testing your website:
HTML Vaidator
This will check the validity of the mark-up language you have employed throughout your website.

Link Analyser
This checks the links on your website, looking specifically at anchor text and whether there are any broken links on the website.

Want to know what your website looks like in different browsers? If yes, use this handy tool to see the compatibility of your website.

Website Speed
Add in your websites URL and find out the loading time of your website, what objects are loaded onto the website and other internal and external factors.
Website Validator
This website will scan your website to check for any errors or broken and dead links.

Try out this test to see how fast your website is and the speed of download. You can then decide on how to improve the performance of your website.
iWebTools - Source Code Viewer
View the source code for your website (and any website that is online)

iWebTools - HTML Optimizer
This tool will removve all the extra white space that appears in the HTML of your website and help with your web pages download speed.

A great free tool that instantly tests your website servers and your website from multiple locations.

Google Website Optimizer 
Use this free tool to test and optimise your websites content to find what your customer is really looking for.

Want to look at something more visual to understand website testing and usability testing?
71) Learn about Google Website Optimisation Tool 
72) More on the Optmisation Tool

Web Marketing, Internet Marketing and Online Marketing Websites

75) Web Marketing Today 
This website has a variety of web marketing resources and articles especially for those going into business online.
76) MAD
This article based marketing website aims to give businesses insight into online marketing, new media, design and advertising.

77) .net Magazine
A must read website. This interesting article based magazine website looks at all the key elements of being online and the latest news from the industry including updates on web design and new web functionality.

Web Marketing, Internet Marketing and Online Marketing Blogs

78) Clickz News!
This Internet Marketing Blog is a simple to understand blog that looks at giving people an insight into online marketing and how to succeed online.

79) BlogStorm
This is a search engine optimisation and intenet marketing blog looking at news and articles from the industry.

80) eConsultancy - Digital Marketing Blog
eConsultancy's blog looking at digital marketing. Postings are up-to-date.

Must attend Online Marketing Shows (based in London)

81) Online Marketing Show 
82) Video from the Online Marketing Show  
83) ad:tech 2010 
84) Video from ad:tech Show

Competitor Analysis

85) Business Link
Read this website if you want to learn about doing a competitor analysis in full.
86) Marketing Plan Success
This article looks at the important factors to consider in competitive analysis.
87) MoneyInstructor.com
This website highlights a way to start analysing your company by looking at your strengths and weaknesses.

88) I Need Hits - Competitor Analysis Tool
This tool looks at search engine optimisation and how your competitor is performing online.

89) Competitor Analysis for SEO
90) Doing a Business Plan - including competitor analysis 

Other Misc.

91)  Web Credible
This company offer a host of website services but they also have a great range of useful articles and information on training courses that they offer.

92) W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
This website standards consortium looks at developing guidelines and tools to ensure that the web is used to its full potential.
93) Usability.gov
This website is for government web designers but is a useful resource for anyone as it inclides advice on making the web usable and accessible.
94) Useit.com
we recommend that you sign up to receive alerts for when news is posted onto Jackob Nielsen's website. This way you will keep up to date with all website usability and accessibility issues.

95) Killer Sites.com
Learn from experts (or web-nerds as they call themselves) about web programming and website design.

96) Usable Web
If these 101 links are not enough for you then try this resource of 786 links about usability. 

Some Web Fun

97) Web design - Web pages that suck
Learn from other people's mistakes...

98) See some bad website designs on YouTube 
99) See the Worse of the Web
100) See some Spam Art

Need Website Marketing Help? Then contact us...

101) Website Consultancy Services


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