Friday Malayalam Movie

Fahad Fazil is seen as an auto driver in the upcoming Malayalam movie named "Friday". The trailer shows many artists, and is a native Kerala story. May this movie be a hit, watch the trailer here.

Writing After Few Weeks
The movie did not turn to be a hit. Recently I found it in the YouTube, well it is indeed a different approach seen in the Malayalam movies. 
A lot of characters turn their activities here and there, who turns up to be in a boat tragedy in the climax. See the movie uploaded by some user at Friday Malayalam Movie.

Nadumudi Venu as usual performed very well as a father of a daughter whose wedding shopping was done from the city. Somehow he forgets to take his bags while at an auto driven by Fahad Fazil. The following scenes involve Vijayaragavan as an inspector searching to get the belongings. The movie turns out to be an eye opening character of giving back what was not owned by one.
The movie shows many other characters who literally have no direct effect on the above mentioned story. 


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