How to Stay Organzed, Step wise Treatments

Life can be turned to a much easy way once you are organized. You will have a starting trouble in realizing that the organization take time when it is done for the first time, but later if done correctly you will realize how easy you can go with the most complex situations of your life.

First step happen to organize your space. Know your space, for example you may spend your time on your room, office rooms, hotels and other meeting places. Keep everything in place. Even if there might be many unwanted items initially never be worried. The first step only tells you to keep everything in a particular place so that you can say the place if someone asks you where the item is.

I have gone through people who have quite a large items. Some had papers on the desk, bags, towels, books, invitation cards, pens and markers etc etc. You can take one or two days for this. The only aim is to know where exactly the items are placed. You can use shelf to keep a set of items like placing gadgets, chargers, headsets, computer devices. You can take a bag to keep the note books, papers, documents. You can take your travel suit case to have your dresses to be used on the go etc.

I could organize as
Books for Studying.
Books for Reading and Writing.
Dress Area.
Gadget Area, Mobile bag.
Shelf for daily items like pens, scissors, pads, remotes

Allow some spaces at each sections. Also have a buffer space. it can be a table to keep the things to do the jobs for sometime and arrange the things back at the place. it could be a cutting and cooking area for a chef. He needs to keep vegetables and things like knifes and vessels to do his cooking and clean the space and keep the left out items back to its place.

By this step you will understand clearly what all you posses, what all you have. You can make a note on the cloud space items like
Web Accounts, Bookmarks, Software, Online space etc etc. just write it in the book which can be completed in a day or two with writing what comes to the mind and what you remember you have online.

One might come across many questions on seeing the home items like:
Do I need this item?
Will this be used in the coming year?
Have i used this last year?
Is this some thing related to my passion?
can I use this more effectively with someone?
What if I misses it?
Can I replace this item with something better?

The first task given to the most lazy people is this organizing, hey don worry if you are lazy. The laziest people do the things in the most effortless manner quickly. I am a very lazy guy.

Step 2 : is putting the things back.
You may think to put the items late, which must never be practiced.
The books, pens, towels, vessels, foods.. everything must go to their home after the party.

Step 3: make use of the storage items
items like bags, small covers etc if left unwanted, turns to be dirty. Instead keep it in some place.

Step 4: Take Calender as your medicines.
A day without the calendar view on your mind is not a utilized day. Draw a calendar in the paper. Keep it in a place easily view able. Check it every morning and night. Make views of weeks on your mind with corresponding actions to perform. See the week that is drawn with eyes closed, See the months, years, lifespan :) Edit the calendar just like you want. even if it turns neatless, make another one. Do not feel lazy in writing the dates and day again if you need a new calendar to view. Calendars are very important in the organization procedure and so give importance in creating one with a pen and a paper.

Use a Planner:
to know what to do, and when to do
Use a smart phone

Write everything in paper.
make to do list of days, 5 items a day is enough.
How to plan:
0: make long term targets and categorize it into
Later Projects
next year projects
this year projects which can be categorized to very important and important

laterprojects can be talked as childish ambitions like talks, take a look at that once a month.

1: Make targets of the months and that to weeks.
2: Make a to do list
3: Distribute it in the week - days
make a fun package daily. Include those actions that can make you happy too rather not just for development. Include a dinner from hotel, an outing in beach once a week.

4: Schedule the things.
be flexible with timings, than stoned.
You can combine the similar to do s.
It must not be a hurry situations. Take the time and finish the tasks beautifully. It is like you are creating something, so be a good creator.
Scheduling and knowing things to performe also makes multi tasking. Those waiting timings at one tasks can be utilized for another tasks, this is one of the greatest achievement of this lesson. Do not include the extra things while doing a thing, instead involve on waiting times for person, website activities, washing, etc.You can make scheduled calls while waiting.

If at any stage one item is not performed at the end of the day, it is bad. You have said that you can do that once and failed to do. Thid day is the end and final day, if not done at the third day also, u need some problems to resolve. This is a human pshycology. problems can be solved by good exercise, there are different kind of exercises, where exercise not merly mean the body exercise, mental and emotinal also.
If unsatisfied with not doing the important things, make targets for the things you do. Performe that.

You can delegate the works to some one, but make sure he have the necessery knowledge and tools, if not you can study from the failures.

1; carry a note pad and pen everythime to note the things and later sort out. else you can note on paper and take photos to be at your mobile, f that is comfortable.

2: know what all you have used amd note it down
Google Docs - sections
mail box - Sections
skydrive - sections
picasa - Sections

Web Accounts - sites and username and pass -

3 : Record Calls , Nokia symbian can try Total Recall.
Android needs to make loudspeaker for its call recording.

4: Human mind
if you cant achive a task, practise with the simplest of that kind. repeated practice makes our mind capaple to reach bigger postions.


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