Oru Indian Pranayakadha Malayalam Movie Review

Even if I heard that Sathyan Anthikkad stated about the fine work skills on Fahad Fazil; the reason that I first stepped into this movie was the director and actor combination with the label of Sathyan Anthikkad worked on a new team replacing most of his usual group of actors and technicians. The movie Oru Indian Pranayakadha, went off well with the initial comedy scenes that all of the Sathyan Anthikkad movie used to cover, may be to build a mood on to the audience. But you will miss out the realistic acting from Fahd where he was seen giving a burp of the usual arranged comedy plays that you used to get from a Sathyan Anthikkad movie. The first half moved well with spotting my schoolmate, acting as a helper of Innocent actor and that guy who took me a while to get me known that I saw him in Diamond Necklace as the Kasarkod guy and Fahad's friend in it.

 The best part of the movie came from the behavioral gestures from Fahd makes it so good and taking the crowd from his act of innocence that one expects from a normal mallu boy would do. And so when my friend after seeing the first half said - so far so good, I readily agreed to it. The second half did not offer anything special and turned out to nothing more than an orphan girl finding her parents; plus some usual life teaching messages that every Sathyan Anthikkad's movie's formula are likely to have. I loved the comments stated on blaming the existing political situation of Kerala; in fact the politicians and it was good to hear from a lady to a man. The worst part of the movie comes when the two gives a couple of unwanted songs proving that an actor like Fahad must never ever take the role of a typical 90s Bollywood actor would do with songs with dancers all around and singing while running.

If you love Fahad; you will enjoy him in the movie and on the actress, Amala Paul showed pretty well as she does with her worked-out body dances too. As a conclusion there is no other new thing that Sathyan Anthikkad can give to the audience - generating positive reviews (that now came out)most probably from the middle aged family audience. You cannot expect anything from the movie if you have in any way tagged this as a new generation type of movie - you are not going to take anything to your home from this cinema, stopping the review with the expectations of something new from the director next time and stating that "It is time to change"


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