Xperia Go; The Mobile for Your Naughty Babies

Sony Ericsson made a stylish ad on the latest Xperia Go

Price in India is heard to be around sixteen thousand, unofficial in August but it is now around Rs 22,000/- in my near by store.
My friend Harris was waiting to take this phone seeing this video!! but he got one Nokia:(
Sony does it in Style always:) and now they have given the Android ICS 4 update official.
I would love to have it just to be careless with it.

Now look at this video and decide how well they have made it. Do you believe this video???

If you really want to take this phone, check the PhoneArena review of the latest Xperia Go.


  1. The price is more than twenty thousand indian ruppes

    1. Yes it allows you to play it like a ball.