Understanding Google SEO Updates

Google Penguin is the latest Google Algorithm update announced on April - 24th 2012. The main objective of this algorithm was to decrease search engine ranking made from black-hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking duplicate content etc.

Previously Google had their algorithm named Panda that first appeared in Feb 2011. The main aim of Panda was to down rank the site having poor user experience. Its major update was seen in Jan 2012.

Other major updates were Florida in 2003, Vince Update in 2009 and Mayday Update,  2010.

But what I would like to discuss to the SEO experts is that, will the SEO work out with more users from social media, all created by same person, Even if it is created by a same person, it looks different in the crawls, that can also be used for sharing, commenting, liking etc.


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