Easy SEO: On Page and Off Page Factors

1: What Publisher can do
2: What Promoters can do

Publisher | On-Page SEO Factors
1: Content Quality: Well written quality content without errors.
2: Keywords: Using those keywords likely to searched by users.
3: Stay : Do readers stay on your webpage or bounce back?
4: Trend: Are your page content fresh to be read
5: Copied content is strictly omitted.
Designer | HTML
1: HTML title tags appropriate to the content.
2: Meta Description seen on webpage correct.
3: Headers like h1, h2 used correctly

1: Can Google search your website easily
2: Time : Is the webpage loading time fast
3: URL: Short URL with keywords correct to webpage.

Promoters and Readers
1: Quality of the site that promotes our site.
2: Words that point to your website correct to your web content
3: The number of links pointing to your site.

Social Network readers sharing.
1: Posting
2: Sharing
3: Country of visitors
4: City of visitors
5: Regularly visiting users
6: Friends of visitors
Age of Site, how long is the site, trust-worthy.

Blocking Factors
1: The number of people who have blocked your website
2: Has someone blocked your site from search results

Be Cautious on:
1: Thin Content
2: Keyword stuffed articles
3: Inappropriate coloring to fonts
4: Cloaking: Showing search engine different pages than humans
5: Paid Links: 
6: Spam blogging : Creating links 

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